Clear Energy Solutions

Clear Energy is an environmentally sensitive U.S. Company dedicated to providing proven cost saving electrical lighting solutions to companies and institutions concerned with reducing ever-increasing electrical energy costs.

Clear Energy was formed as a resource for businesses and institutions such as yours to help you save money on your overall lighting costs. Innovations in the lighting industry offer us the opportunity to provide you with state of the art lighting, saving you thousands of dollars in the immediate future. Unlike other lighting companies, which sell you the product, install it and walk away, Clear Energy does not leave you stranded. We configure the most cost effective means that suits your overall budget. We understand the need you may have to limit your initial investment and maximize your total savings, therefore we have several financial leasing alternatives, that best suited with your financial situation, can offer you maximized profits.

We have different products that can be utilized; depending on your need that will provide you optimal savings. We are committed to offering you a product that is durable, and has a warranty up to 10 years. Our commitment to you is to insure your payback for a lighting retrofit investment is less than 48 months. The need to see maximized profits for your investment cost is our top priority. Please keep in mind, that this is not a purchase, but is an INVESTMENT, an investment that will save you money, time and labor.

Clear Energy, LLC  • 239 New Road Parsippany ( B-108), Parsippany, NJ 07054  USA  
• 47 Cedar Swamp RD. (unit 15),Smithfield, RI 02917  USA  
• Phone: (973) 288-7280 || Fax: (973) 287-7233
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